Connect with what you like most

Tot-em is created to connect people with what matters to them, excites them and gives them goose bumps. Whether it's people, pets, hobbies or that mantra you repeat before skipping the gym. Whatever it is, you can always carry it with you thanks to Tot-em.

The two founders of Tot-em met in university. And having the same name was just the beginning of all the magic. We both missed friends who had gone to study in other cities, countries and time zones. Sharing ways of feeling close to our friends, and tired of all the chatting on WhatsApp, we realized that what we missed the most was hearing their voice. That day, we decided that we would invent a way to touch voices with our fingers. And so Tot-em's first idea was born: jewelry made from voices with personalized messages.

When we told our friends about the idea they decided to surprise us by giving us 100 euros each so that we could start the project - we owe it all to them!

Why the name

Native American Indians carve totems into tree trunks that represent the values of the individual or the tribe.

They are secret symbols with meaning.


We started working with a turner artisan to make the wooden Tot-ems (thanks, Goyo!). Little by little, the orders were increasing and Goyo wasn’t able to produce them all. When the condition of his eyes didn’t allow the manufacturing work anymore, we had to move the production to a bigger workshop in the Pyrenees.

As we grew, we developed our own software to automate the creation of plans, APIs, inventory management, etc. We consider we do "technological jewelry" because of the amount of code in our back end and because we rely on our own software to keep growing.

Today we have our own workshop in Madrid where we manufacture everything, except the wooden Tot-ems. We manufacture each Tot-em with the artisan tradition we were using in the beginning. This way we make sure to take care of every detail and offer the highest quality.

Hand polishing of a ring

Laser engraving of a charm


We believe in business models that are capable of adding value and being sustainable at the same time - like good millennials we don't conceive of any other way of doing projects!

We generate as little waste as possible by melting and reusing surplus metals in a circular pattern. Our first product was the wooden Tot-em and now we plant a tree for each wooden Tot-em we sell, saving more than 50 tons of CO2 every month.

We are also registered in the Carbon Footprint Register, compensation and carbon dioxide absorption projects of the Spanish Office for Climate Change (OECC) in the Ministry for Ecological Transition. We have registered the Calculation and Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and comply with Scope 1 + 2.

And of course, all our facilities are powered by renewable energy.


1 | Exceeding customer expectations

Who comes first

You are first, and that will always stay that way. You are the ones who give meaning to every jewel we make, the ones who excite us by telling your incredible stories. 

2 | Mindset of growth

How we think

Every Tot-em has a story that serves as a motivation, or at least as a learning experience. This desire to grow as a person drives us.

3 | Create, automate and evolve

How we work

We combine innovation with the value of craftsmanship. We take advantage of technology to create unique experiences in a sector as traditional as jewelry.

4 | Love above everything else

How we act

We believe in love. It's what moves the world and what makes us wake up in the morning. Love is the key to happiness. Love your family, love your partner, love yourself, love the planet... and you will fall in love with life.

5 | Raise the bar and help others do the same

How we work as a team

We work hard to be better every day and to help our environment to improve with us. Alone you walk faster, but together you go further.