I am having problems with the recording of my Totem or with the payment. How can I solve this?

Whatever happens to you already happened to us, so we'll have a fast solution. Please go to our form and in less than a minute you will get a solution.

Can I change the message or the delivery address once I have bought the piece?

You can change the message and shipping address of your tot-em without any problem - as long as the part is not already manufactured. Just write to us at support@tot-em.com indicating your full name and your request.

How do I treat and clean my Totem?

Depending on the material of your Totem there are different ways of preserving it best, check out our "Materials and Care" section in order to find out how to treat and clean your Totem.

Is it safe to buy in our online shop?

Yes, we have the SSL Certificate of extended validation and the management of the payment gateway is sealed by banks that are pioneers in online shopping security.

Do you have a physical store?

We manufacture the Totem only for you on demand, so we wouldn't have much to sell in a physical store. For our personalized products, we don't have stock, every Totem is unique and is only manufactured on demand.


How does the gift card work?

The gift card is applicable to any product in the Totem store. To use the gift card, enter the code provided by email at Checkout before completing the payment. The gift card has no expiration date. In case of dissolution of Tot-em S. L., the gift card loses its validity and the amount cannot be refunded. The gift card is redeemable only in the currency in which it was purchased. The gift card can be returned up to 14 days after its purchase as long as it has not been used in our store, either partially or in its entirety. Possible discount coupons offered for our store are not applicable to the purchase of a gift card.