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Momenti Harvest Charm

* We manufacture your Totem handmade, so the time is somewhat higher than other eCommerce that have stocked products. .

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Momenti Harvest Charm

€28.00  |  €35.00

Momenti scannable charm in 925 sterling silver to access the Momenti app, where you can save your special moments and share them only with your favorite people. The unique combination of the dots will serve as a key to access your private memory chest. You will need as many Momenti jewels as there are people with whom you want to share your private space of memories. Compatible with Pandora® charms. Perfect to carry all the charms of special memories in a jewel.

Secret details

  • This jewel in form of a trunk is the key to open your private memory trunk where you can save your most special memories. To access your Momenti by Tot-em space, scan the little dots on your jewelry.
  • You can add it to the Harvest bracelet or other collectible bracelets. Compatible with Pandora® bracelets. If you have a Harvest bracelet in the cart, we will add the charm to that product unless you tell us otherwise.
  • The charm hole has a diameter of ø=4.20 mm, so it is compatible with many other collectible bracelets.
  • Made in: Spain


  • Sterling silver (925) handcrafted finish with gloss black anodized aluminum and white engraving
  • Mirror polished (gloss). All finishes are handmade.


  • Charm: 0,9 x 1,3 cm


  • Silver turns black when sulfated, that is, when it is exposed with things that have sulfur, such as hot tubs, swimming pools, cosmetics. The fats in our skin protect silver, so wear it a lot! And when you’re not wearing it, keep it in our box so that it is protected from sulfur in the air.
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Sterling Silver 925
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