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Stars Frames Charm

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Stars Frames Charm

Vermeil Gold
€38.25  |  €45.00

Vermeil Gold charm customized with the stars that were in the sky that unforgettable day. Choose the date and place you want to remember and we create a map of its firmament. Add it to your Frames Bracelet to keep collecting memories.

Secret details

  • You can add it to one of our Frames bracelets. If you have a Frames bracelet in the cart, we will add the charm to that product unless you tell us otherwise.
  • The charms have a very special closure that imitates the mechanism used in watchmaking to fit perfectly to the bracelet.
  • Made in: Spain


  • Vermeil Gold: Sterling silver (925) with 1 micron of gold coating. Unlike normal gold baths, vermeil is made with a thick layer of 18k gold over sterling silver (925), to give the pieces a lasting color. It has no nickel or copper, the gold is directly on top of solid silver
  • We mix satin (matte) and mirror polished (shiny) textures. All finishes are handmade


  • Charm: 19,0 x 4,4 mm


  • Vermeil does not like sweat or water, so it’s best to remove it before taking a shower or exercising so that its color lasts a long time. To clean gold plated pieces, just moisten a cloth and gently rub the piece.
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Data sheet

18K Gold Bath
Product Details

Create your starry sky

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The day we met
Papagayo Beach, Lanzarote
40° 26’ 12” N 03° 40’ 31” O
2 of April 2019

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